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Jan 2019
Ismael Hamed
Jan 20 11:28 UTC
@Aaronontheweb why does hyperion serialize the Version and the PublicKeyToken part of the type? We made, early on, the mistake of using hyperion for persisting events in an small app and now can't update to Akka v1.3.10 because System.Collection.Immutablehas been updated too.
Can you think of a clever way to somehow get past this by "transforming" the events in the database?
Thomas Stegemann
Jan 20 17:13 UTC
I have an actor per entity. Now I want to use PersistentActor (enity guid as persistenceId)
As a result there will be a lot of eventsbypersistenceId queries. (100.000)
Feels like an overkill. Is there a better way to get the feed of changes while keeping the order of events at least per entity?
Maciek Misztal
Jan 20 19:23 UTC
Assuming I have a stateless fsm cluster singleton, that has an initialization process using .Tell() , is there any way I can subscribe to an event when the singleton is being recreated on a node after a failure so that Incan reinitialize it?