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Roger Johansson
This is where the remoting fails for mono:
                var addressPromise = new TaskCompletionSource<IList<ProtocolTransportAddressPair>>();
                _endpointManager.Tell(new EndpointManager.Listen(addressPromise));

                var akkaProtocolTransports = addressPromise.Task.Result;
Task.Result hangs forever
Roger Johansson
I get a Listen message in the endpoint manager.. then there are coming in some Prune messages into the endpointmanager too, which it doesnt handle?
cc @Aaronontheweb
ah, it does that in accepting phase , but it is not in that phase
Roger Johansson
hmmm Listens never completes, so the remoting is stuck in startup
         _listens = Task.WhenAll(tasks).ContinueWith(transportResults => transportResults.Result.ToList(), TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously | TaskContinuationOptions.AttachedToParent);
Aaron Stannard
@rogeralsing try doing this on that line - I see a bug in the TaskContinuationOptions
 _listens = Task.WhenAll(tasks).ContinueWith(transportResults => transportResults.Result.ToList(), TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously & TaskContinuationOptions.AttachedToParent);
meant to use bitwise AND
not bitwise OR
Mono's TPL implementation might check for those flags differently
Hi there all. I’m about to use Akka.Net on a ASP.NET MVC application. The intention is here is to have communicate with another process remotely. My question is, do remote connections timeout?
thanks in advance
Aaron Stannard
Akka.Remote connections are perpetual unless one side of the connection fails to deliver heartbeats to the other
I don't recall what the default heartbeat settings are, I think 1 per second or 500ms
and if more than 3-4 heartbeats get missed then the connection is considered unhealthy and gets restarted
Akka.Remote connections are lazy too - outbound only turn on the first time you try to send a message to a remote address
but it listens for incoming connections immediately
Aaron Stannard
@coffeeyesplease was my answer helpful at all? If not let me know - happy to help out with Remoting since we don't have a lot of literature on it at the moment.
@Aaronontheweb brilliant! Yes very helpful indeed.
I’m already following your advice in starting it all on Global.asax with a static reference
thank you :)
Aaron Stannard
good, that's a best practice
I had some plumbing I wrote somewhere that was pretty small - maybe 100-200 lines of code that made it very easy for all ASP.NET MVC controllers to publish messages to actors without needing to load any Akka.NET references inside the controllers themselves
via a static Publisher class or something
that I wired up with a reference to a specific router actor that published messages to remote systems
that only works if you don't need messages back from your actors though :p
actually I don’t.. it’s all one way.. if the actor finishes the process.. then great.
if not then, oh well...
Aaron Stannard
yeah, mine was the same way - had to hand off a massive amount of messages per second to our analytics system
front-end API just needed to acknowledge that we had received them
didn't need to acknowledge if we had finished post-processing
I have a look around… in these coming weeks I’ll be knee deep in Akka.Net
that’s precisely the problem I’m also trying to solve
Aaron Stannard
cool, well feel free to hit me up - aaron@petabridge.com
currently working on making it easy to do this stuff with the clustering module on top of Akka.Remote :p
we’ll definitely stay in touch then.
this is basically the reason why I turned to Akka.NET is to get millions of messages that go through our analytics system. So I’ll probably well be looking for advice sometime soon
Aaron Stannard
at peak loads I did about 20 million remote messages per day per Akka.Remote node (on the receiving end)
overhead was super minimal - like 3-15% CPU utilization on a medium-sized box on EC2
for that workload even at peak hours
your mileage may vary :p
all right.. that’s very encouraging.
I’m still studying the architecture for this project.. because right now (for this client in particular and with our database) the number of messages is just waay too inneficient…. 600M a day
its just feels like a waste of bandwidht if you ask me