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Toshko Andreev
might i ask how long you've been using akka.net?
Marc Piechura
@Ravenheart @kevinmcfarlane the comment of the methods give you information weather you could skip the base call. PreStart and PostStop do nothing, rest does something
Kevin McFarlane
@Ravenheart so far I've just tried it as a learning exercise on a home utility application I wrote to do backups to cloud storage. I wrote it conventionally and then thought I'd redo it using Akka. I tweak it from time to time once I think of some ideas or oversights.
Aaron Stannard
akkadotnet/akka.net#1911 - sorry for the delay on this @Horusiath
but that's all staged and ready to go - going to let the build server do its little dance
Aaron Stannard
alright, Akka.NET v1.0.8 is on its way to NuGet now
very minor patch - mostly just changes the configuration for Akka.Persistence back to the way it was

Stupid question.... Context.ActorOf() inside an actor will create a child
So if I have inside my actor code pathed at
Context.ActorOf(Props.Create(new S3SingleBucketFileOperationActor(params),"child")));

That will create it under /user/SomeActor/child/ , right?

Arjen Smits
Maxim Cherednik
Hi @Danthar I asked a question before, but no one answered. Could you please comment on this:
Hi guys got a q. I know I've already asked similar one, but I didn't quite get the answer.
Here are a few facts:
  1. Cluster is still in beta
  2. There are online courses from the Petabridge about akka.net including Clustering
    So having these 2, I would assume that the cluster module can be used already. Even though it's still in Beta, there could be a limited number of bugs for some edge cases, but it should work in the most cases.
    Is this correct? @Silv3rcircl3 @Danthar @Aaronontheweb
Aaron Stannard
getting Akka.Cluster out of beta is my number one priority at the moment
suspended work on just about everything else to finish it
throwing the kitchen sink at this fucker
but overall, you should be able to start using it
we've had people running it in production for years already
Maxim Cherednik
yeah, ok then. Some time ago you were advising me to take the course. Which I am planing to do, but I wasn't sure about the status of the clustering and how soon I can use it in Prod
Aaron Stannard
just got off the phone and told someone end of May / early June
who asked me the same question, another Akka.NET user
I'm committed to making that happen
Maxim Cherednik
Cool. Yet I still wonder about the cluster. I wanted to try an empty cluster without any real actor in there. Very simple setup - it was working more or less on local(when all the nodes are on the same machine). Then when you clarified that the port should be the same and of course auto-down is off. I decided to roll out several virtual machines in azure so that to try it. Doesn't work. No matter what I do. If I restart the node hard(as if it died), seed node start acting up with lots of exceptions.
So basically cluster formed, but actual failover cases I didn't manage to try...
Aaron Stannard
If I restart the node hard(as if it died), seed node start acting up with lots of exceptions.
the stuff I'm working on now should address that
the socket server sitting underneath Akka.Cluster has a bunch of fun issues that had never been properly classified until recently
race conditions at startup
spent the past two weeks working on an update to that
on top of that, latest release today includes a patch I made to the EndpointRegistry in Akka.Remote
which also caused issues that occurred on node restart
I'm working those issues from the bottom up
dealing with the socket server first, then Akka.Remote's endpoint system, and then finally dealing with things like the cluster daemon
Vladyslav Pyshnenko
Hi , @Aaronontheweb , we using Akka.Cluster in our project hosted on Azure Cloud service and very often one of node on worker role is not starting after deploy or reboot. In logs we could see next error "Failed to startup Cluster. You can try to increase 'akka.actor.creation-timeout'.". Does this issue related to all that you described before?
Aaron Stannard
I've seen that issue before - that's unrelated
how many cores are you running those nodes on?
Vladyslav Pyshnenko
Aaron Stannard
ok, you should be good there
is where that issue occurs
the network isn't even a factor at that point
Vladyslav Pyshnenko
yeah, and after than node is shutting down
Aaron Stannard
might be something off with the sequencing at startup there, but basically one of the system actors failed to start on time
I would start by looking at the system actors there and see if there's a race condition - it's going to be easier to spot than a traditional one, because everything is happening inside actors here. Coverage is probably missing in some edge case where resource A gets a request before it gets something it needs from resource B
and rather than buffering the request / poking resource B, it waits indefinitely and times out
I personally don't have time to look into that now (I am but one man) - but if you file a bug I'll get on it
Vladyslav Pyshnenko
ok, i will create bug tommorow
Thomas Lazar
anyone here know their way around IL generation stuff? any experience?