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pls help
Davis Z. Cabral
hey guys - I will try to help over here to avoid the volume of questions in the issue tracker
Davis Z. Cabral
@timeturnback what exactly are you trying to do?
Aditya Dehal
Hey Is there anyone who have used mapbox with react native?
Davis Z. Cabral
I haven't - but I recommend for you to use a community like http://spectrum.chat to ask that, let's keep common issues related to RNRF here if possible :-)
Davis Z. Cabral
I am around guys - in case of questions or anyone needing help :-)
Ferdi Özer
Hi guys, how to use node.js web api
@HunWalk props is must component
Ridwan Foxdream
hi guys, i need your all help, im using router flux , and i made a tabbar, but i can't transfer parameter beetwen the scene, can you help me?, the code is look like it ()
<Stack key="Home" hideNavBar tabs={true} tabBarComponent={Footer} tabBarPosition="bottom">
<Scene key="HomeScreen" component={HomeScreen} panHandlers={null} initial/>
<Stack key="Home" hideNavBar tabs={true} tabBarComponent={Footer} tabBarPosition="bottom">
<Scene key="HomeScreen2" component={HomeScreen2} panHandlers={null} initial/>
Edouard Goossens
Hi guys, does anyone know of a good example of using RNRF to create a master-detail layout that is one pane with navigation when on a phone in portrait, and two panes when shown in landscape or on a tablet? Or can someone point me in the right direction to start? Thanks!

he guys, i have did code in react native
it is successfully build in android
but in IOS giving me error :
file not found : config.h

i used third party api with this bundle i.e. Payments ..

so can any one help me to solve this error ???

Nikola Dašić
Hello everyone, can someone help me?
Hey everyone... wondering if anyone has tried e2e testing with Detox on a RNRF project.... I'm having an issue where my test stops when trying to navigate to another Scene
getting a Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within the 120000ms timeout specified by jest.setTimeout.
if I delete that particular line of code, where it changes the view, test passes successfully
Luciano Corniglione
hi everyone, does anyone work with a collapsible custom navbar? I mean, a custom navbar "listening" the scroll direction of the scrollview inside a scene, and animating the navbar in order to make it visible or not...
sajad abasi
hey how can i use material bottom navigation with this library?

Hi there,
I am using rnrf with react-native-web along with Redux. For navigation I am using NavigationActions.navigate(..). The problem is with browser backbutton/phone hardware backbutton pressed web app get exits.

Can anyone help me on this front?

Davis Z. Cabral
@egoossens sorry about the late response - I have done that in the past - are you still looking for that?
Good Morning, Evening,AfterNoon. I would like to ask where I should find documentation of react-native-router-flux ?
How to do RTL and LTR supprot dynamically?
พงษ์พัฒน์ เผือกหนู
Hi I have issue in react-native, When I use If I use Actions.replace to the same component it does't not work
I have tried to run expo start web, but it attempted to import error Actions and etc.. i need to present to my ceo how powerful is it. But I’m stucking here
Hello everybody
Damir Aushenov
Hello, everybody. I have some issue with lib. My screen automatically pop to previous screen. But if i click the button one more time it will go fine.
I have opened issue in github
hi everyone, I tried using <Router> but error is "nhandled JS Exception: SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token" please help me

Hi there,
When I'm trying to install react-native-router-flux, npm returns this error on terminal:

[server error] Cannot load the stats for react-native-router-flux – please try again later

Please how can i make my tabBar in react-native-router-flux transparent???
Suraj Sanwal
i am getting flicking while changing tabs is there any way to resolve same?
I am passing data to another screen using Actions.key({props}), but the data update in top level using Redux,
How can I refresh the data passed when the state in the store changes ?
Hello, How to access component on OnExist Event? I have try Actions.refs.SCENE_NAME, but not working.
Yasin Ugurlu
Hi Everyone, I have a little problem about roter flux. I have a tabs app like instagram app. I have 4 tab menu. I jus want to give margin between second menu and third menu when I click second tab. I created state in root component. When I click secon tabs change state value and margin is done correctly but accourding to do root component re render. I dont go second tab screen. I stay firs screen because first screen is initial. But I dont do that. I want to give margin and change screen. How can I do that.
How to programmatically hide navbar in Scene in Router?

Hi Guyz,

How can I hide a tab on Scene, I already tried hideTabBar={true}and hideTabBar, but nothing work,
I want to hide tab on one screen but want to show tab on child on that screen

Kashif Ahmed
need help
any one?
Raaj Kanchan
@yasinugrl Which version of the react-native-router-flux you are using
Hello ,
I am having problem with Router Flux,
When Using it in Android, for each transaction in screens, it show a red background first
How can i solve it ?
I am trying to
create a drawer with tabs, the purpose of the tab is only to navigate.
this is my code, the app opens on main component the drower works but the tab not.
export default RouterComponent = Actions.create(
<Scene key="root" hideNavBar>
<Scene key="splash" component={Splash} hideNavBar />
<Scene drawer={true} key="main" drawerWidth={Dimensions.get('window').width * 0.85} drawerBackgroundColor="transparent" drawerPosition={drawerPosition} contentComponent={Menu} hideNavBar >
<Scene key="tabs" tabs={true} tabBarPosition={'bottom'} tabBarStyle={{ backgroundColor: '#FFF1EF' }}>
<Scene key="Auto" component={() => <View />}
icon={() => <Text style={{ color: false ? 'red' : 'black' }}>{'title'}</Text>}
<Scene key="Captions" component={() => <View />}
icon={() => <Text style={{ color: false ? 'red' : 'black' }}>{'title'}</Text>}
<Scene key="Hashtags" component={() => <View />}
icon={() => <Text style={{ color: false ? 'red' : 'black' }}>{'title'}</Text>}
<Scene key={MAIN} initial component={Main} hideNavBar />
How to hide title bar in tab scenes?
1 reply
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 7.06.51 PM.png
1 reply
HI Guys ,
I need to create tabbar like this please help me if any onne have doe this using router flux.
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 7.06.51 PM.png
Sean Murphy
Hi, Sorry to bother you on this platform I am currently looking for a React Native Engineer on a permanent basis paying up to £90,000 P/A Plus an excellent benefits and bonus scheme if someone is interested please contact me via direct message or @ sean@fullstack.london
Sean Murphy