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Aug 2017
Mark Andrew
Aug 18 2017 10:51
Hi, how would I know if there is someone already who's working on a certain issue?
By the way, I have an experience in Laravel but I'm new in contributing to open source. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Ariel Vallese
Aug 18 2017 11:42
Hi Mark Andrew, unfortunately, Im lacking of the proper time Id like to spend guiding on this. That said, I'll anyway help out on that process. At the moment, the development has not much movement. You may choose freely on the things you would like to contribute most and prepare something on that. Every project may have a different workflow, however the overall process is almost the same. If you are familiar with basic git commanda thats a step forward, if not i may refer you some articles you may like taking a look at first.
Mark Andrew
Aug 18 2017 13:28
Got it. Thanks for the reply.