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Hepeng Zhang
It seems the plugins are there, but the "Package manager" is missing from Window menu
anyone having trouble getting packages to work on xcode 6.4?
Pavlos Vinieratos
i cannot make alcatraz work at all on 6.4
Pavlos Vinieratos
fucking uuids. everything would be so much better if the uuid would be inserted automatically, so we dont need to work without our plugins for a week every time a new xcode comes
the whole purpose of a plugin manager is to manage your plugins. if even the plugin manager stops working, whats the point?
Guillaume Algis

everything would be so much better if the uuid would be inserted automatically

There would probably also be a lot more crashes. UUID's purpose is to ensure that the plugin maintainer tests and updates his/her plugin before allowing Xcode to load the code. This is particularly relevant as AFAIK Xcode doesn't exposes a public API for plugins, so they just hook into private methods. Have the developer say "yes, my plugin still works on this version" explicitly is IMO a good thing.

If you're particularly eager to use the new Xcode version and really can't work without plugins (which I can understand) there is a bash script floating around in recent Alcatraz issues to add Xcode's UUID to all your installed plugins (but then expect crashes ;) )

Seo Jin
Josep M. "Txus" Bach
I think installing Alcatraz broke my Xcode 7 GM (on El Capitan GM)
Exception Type:        EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
Exception Codes:       EXC_I386_GPFLT
Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

Application Specific Information:
objc_msgSend() selector name: retain
ProductBuildVersion: 7A220

Global Trace Buffer (reverse chronological seconds):
4.633771     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9276c07b TCP Conn 0x7faa850522f0 SSL Handshake DONE
5.179289     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9276bf57 TCP Conn 0x7faa850522f0 starting SSL negotiation
5.180699     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9276a927 TCP Conn 0x7faa850522f0 complete. fd: 51, err: 0
5.184651     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff927f9121 TCP Conn 0x7faa850522f0 event 1. err: 0
5.433831     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff92769bf7 TCP Conn 0x7faa850522f0 started
5.482427     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9272d75e Creating default cookie storage with process/bundle identifier
5.482427     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9272d6f6 Faulting in CFHTTPCookieStorage singleton
5.482427     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9272d585 Faulting in NSHTTPCookieStorage singleton
5.520045     CFNetwork                     0x00007fff9282b3b4 NSURLConnection finished with error - code -1100
Even after uninstalling and removing everything completely, it still happens :(
when opening any project
Danil Gontovnik
Hey guys
Does it work for you on Xcode 7?
Pavlos Vinieratos
Mumen Shabaro
Kevin Cui
it's not working on xcode 7 on mac os x 10.11
Fang Wei Hsu
this is not working on Xcode 7.1 on osx 10.10 do you guys have same problem?
Wallace Souza
I'm looking for a solution to use it with XC 7.1 too
until 7.0 was working fine
Fang Wei Hsu
I have already found the solution for this problem
Tien Vu
how do i update this? do i need to uninstall and reinstall?
Tien Vu
it does not work for XC7.1 :(??
Wallace Souza
@davidhsu1115 can you help me?
Marin Usalj
@ssouzawallace have you tried updating from alcatraz.io?
Steven Masini
I got the same problem here since I updated my XCode to 7.1 yesterday. It seems XCode 7.1 doesn't load the plugin anymore. I tried to uninstall and re-install, but it changes nothing.
Steven Masini
I tried the solution here, but still isn't working for me
My Xcode became very slow after installing plugins.
Wallace Souza
@supermarin @StevenMasini @abdurrehman-github I have downloaded the Alcatraz Xcode project itself and build it in my machine. Now it is working like a charm
I am finding Alcatraz not installing, when I run the curl script as described on the website in Terminal, it responds with "curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate"
Also, it says "If you'd like to turn off curl's verification of the certificate, use
the -k (or --insecure) option." but using -k or --insecure still brings up errors
Could they help me please on IOS is very important ? thanks I'm sorry I don't know too much English
Hi guys. I’m sorry that I am writing here, I am just looking people who writes plugins for Xcode. I suggest use separate channel for talks about plugins development, I think everyone of us can say something interesting about this theme. I created channel for it (https://gitter.im/AlexIzh/XcodePluginDev)
Hello I solved my problem. The problem is caused by the CURL program out of date. I also found out that the CURL was using the one provided by XAMPP/MAMP. So what you have to do is either uninstall XAMPP, or replace the CURL with the latest one. Curl can be installed via Homebrew
Привет, ищу разработчика под один проект, напишите в skype moykin.e у кого есть время для рассмотрения реализации проекта
Hi, who can help me with NSSession?
Alexander Perechnev
I guess you have to ask such questions on stackoverflow.com
Pierre Houston
anyone, any hopes for a hack that allows alcatraz to work again on Xcode8?
hello word
i want to hace a chat room in my web page
who knows about a framework or somethings like that ?
Jagdeep Matharu

Hello, I just joined this group seeking some help in Objective-c code, i am following Stanford Objective c CS193P course, I am stuck at first assignment, in brief -> when i click on card i should get a random card from the deck, i have completed code following classwork but on cliking button i am getting ‘(null)’, i am trying to figure this out but still stuck, can any one help me or can guide me where (which forum/gitter) i can get help. Thanks in advance .

here is the code: https://github.com/iOSJMatharu/Matchismo/tree/master/Card%20Game

Andrei Morozov
hey guys any chance this can be fixed some time? XVimProject/XVim#942 in Alcatraz. it's pulling the wrong file.
Guillaume Algis
What's the exact problem? There's at least 3 different issues mentioned in the link you provided
What do you mean by "[Alcatraz]'s pulling the wrong file"?
(btw, I just installed the plugin on my machine w/ Xcode 7.3.1 (7D1014) and it worked fine)

i have a situation, i have a weview where i would like to play a html5 audio, it works but when it goes to background the audio stops
i have been trying to work with this example

import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

AVAudioSession audioSession = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance];
BOOL ok;
setCategoryError = nil;
ok = [audioSession setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback
if (!ok) {
NSLog(@"%s setCategoryError=%@", PRETTY_FUNCTION, setCategoryError);
but i belongs to iOS 6 , now actually i'm working with iOS 9.2
when i add that configuration it gives errors, can you help me to understand this=

Guillaume Algis
@_Nick007__twitter This channel is for Alcatraz-related discussions. Please ask this kind of stuff on StackOverflow.