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Repo info
Noah Isaacson
nvm I see you already have that in there
Alexander Gugel
@nisaacson yup, but currently there is a bug in eslint that relies on a nested node_modules directory. Therefore it won’t work. This should be fixed in the new version from my understanding.
Noah Isaacson
what do you think about alexanderGugel/ied#31
Alexander Gugel
looking at it as we speak. :+1: LGTM so far, thanks!
Dominic Watson
I suppose this doesn't support private repositories
"orangetech-build": "git+ssh://stash.orangetech.com:6998/bow/orangetech-build.git#0.5.0",
installation worked this time though :)
Alexander Gugel
private packages + git deps are currently not supported (token would need to be send, scoped modules are supported). I’m currently rewriting parts of the installation process, which will support those kind of dependencies soon.
Jayson Harshbarger
Hello folks, a few days ago @alexanderGugel removed the make file. The readme still says run make install. How does one get ied now link itself? I can run npm install and npm link -g... but I think the point is to use ied.
Alexander Gugel

@Hypercubed Yes, I removed the Makefile. I forgot to update the README. Damn. You can just run npm install & ./bin/cmd.js link. That was essentially what the Makefile was doing. I’m goint to add it back in. Shouldn’t have removed it.

What the Makefile also did was it allowed ied to install its own dependencies once the initial versions have been fetched from the registry.

Alexander Gugel
@Hypercubed fixed in c706e6b
Jayson Harshbarger
Got it, I did npm install && npm link.
Gajus Kuizinas
Is this project dead?
Alexander Gugel
Nop, but I didn’t have a lot of time recently to work on it TBH. But no, it’s not dead.
Maxime Tricoire
Hello there.
@alexanderGugel any chance to see a uninstall command implemented soon ?
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Hello everyone

somebody could help me
I need to connect SQL Server 2008 with github

Thank you

suresh dhamgaye
I want to issue find in insitesoftware related..
any updates issues..
Romain Gonord
This message was deleted
Hi all,
I see in alexanderGugel/ied#144 that there is an option to change the storage folder locally (IED_STORAGE_DIR). As it is locally, it is still in the current project. I'll see an interest in externalizing this folder to mutualize it with other project. For example, I may be working on 3 projects which have the same dependencies, in that cas, symlink would point to a single storage. Is there a way with the current version ? if not , would it be a good thing to have ?
Romain Gonord
@alexanderGugel I see that this particular feature has been reverted ... is this temporary ? will there be a way to externalize dependencies from the project to share them with other project (this would quite look like what maven do in the java world with .m2/repository)
Iam new here.gonna need ur help
Hans Krutzer

I tried ied on an existing project and got

> ied install
    error: function (err) { throw err; },

Error: unexpected end of file
    at Zlib._handle.onerror (zlib.js:370:17)

should I make an issue?

Hello everyone.I’m new here.To begin to learn some easy knowledge ,such as introduction to HTML ,CSS and so on.
Justin Griffith
hi I am having issues with private packages and am new to ied. It worked extremely fast for public packages so very impressed so far. If I can get it working with our private packages, I will more than likely use this in production. I have my bearer token but it does not seem to be picking it up
oi Alexandre eu quero saber como se faz para copiar a posta fontes ttf para a pasta fontes do sistema sempre ele diz q a pasta do sistema nao e uma posta ou nao existe
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Renato Marinho
Hey guys, I'm GitScrum founder. I want to invite group members to get to know GitScrum. Site: https://site.gitscrum.com/
i mean how is it faster then NPM?
in what way?
what are the technical implementation of this.
Zoltan Kochan

this project is no longer maintained but you can see benchmark comparisons between npm/yarn/pnpm here: https://github.com/pnpm/pnpm

pnpm works similarly to how ied works

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Wang Shidong

@alexanderGugel hello, Alexander, I am author of SpaceVim, we just implement a tasks system, which is like vscode tasks manager, for ied. the most used tasks command is ied run build and ied run test? so the task config file .SpaceVim.d/tasks.toml is:

    command = "ied"
    args = ['run', 'build']
    isBackground = false
    command = "ied"
    args = ['run', 'test']
    isBackground = false

for more info, please checkout the tasks doc: https://spacevim.org/documentation/#tasks

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C.T.P.(Crypto Talk Point )
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