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Nov 2015
Bryce Walter
Nov 19 2015 19:59
@alexanderzobnin any chance you can push the dashboard json used to create your preview dashboard?
that would work PERFECT for a templated base. Not just for Zabbix Stats; but for almost all Hosts monitored by Zabbix.
Alexander Zobnin
Nov 19 2015 21:03
@Krylon360 you can vew dashboards examples at
Folks, because panels as plugins feature is still not implemented in Grafana, I fork Grafana repo and added zabbix triggers panel to zbx-trigger_panel branch. If you can't wait for final release, build this version from sources using Building Grafana from source docs. This version based on Grafana 2.5.0 and contais latest grafana-zabbi plugin version (2.5.1).