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Oct 2016
Anjaneya Jha
Oct 26 2016 06:30
@alexanderzobnin Hello! Are graphs from grafana available as embed-able components in other pages? I need dynamic graphs which talk to grafana server and show me the graphs..
@wenxzhen I don't think so.. My grafana is installed on a different machine than Zabbix server and all seems to work fine.. You might want to check out "Note about Zabbix 2.2 or less" on the page
Anjaneya Jha
Oct 26 2016 06:50
@alexanderzobnin update: I found it on the embed option in share link :) great job!
@anjaneya4 yea, you can use certain grafana panel as iframe inside another page.
Anjaneya Jha
Oct 26 2016 12:15
@alexanderzobnin hi, is there a way to fetch number of triggers currently fired in zabbix? The graph seems to be a little restraining with respect to axes.. I can't add hosts on an axis. Maybe its because of the time-series visualization..
Alexander Zobnin
Oct 26 2016 13:24
@anjaneya4 Now grafana supports only timeseries-based graphs, but in new version (4.0) we going to add non-timeseries X-axis (grafana/grafana#5812). Now number of triggers not supported, but it very popular request, will try to implement it soon.