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Ben Raz
@sqlsec It will require further investigation...
If you can, try debugging the code/comparing it to Linux
@lollando21 Cool
Currently learning more about Linux's handling of IRQs to see if we're missing something here
@ben9923 thank you,hope you can solve this headache :-)
Ben Raz
Me too :)
Ben Raz
@lollando21 Can you please attach your DSDT?
(Also attach it to your GitHub comment)

@ben9923 sure, here you go:

this is what I currently use, it's like the original, with only a very small modification related to the hotkeys to adjust the backlight.

I also use the following aml:

PS: I also updated the comment on git.

Ben Raz

@lollando21 Thanks
Please do note using a patched DSDT can easily break everything when it goes out-of-sync with the native one.
Migrate those patches to config.plist patches + SSDTs

Alternatively, this one might be better:
Anyway it's out of scope here, so that's all I'm gonna say about that :)


@ben9923 i tried to use BrightnessKeys but it didn't work ... (my laptop has the keys placed in F2 and F3, not really common)

however I also did all the trackpad and touchscreen tests with the 100% original DSDT, but I got the same results.

If you think it is better, I can do any future tests with the original DSDT.

Svilen Ivanov
Hi guys, can some one help me with enabling VoodooI2C on my system, at the moment VoodooI2C is loaded, the VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH is loaded under GPIO, VoodooI2CHID is loaded under TPD1 but the touchpad still does not work.
dmesg log:
[ 1.341125]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::Loading GPIO Data for SunrisePoint-H
[ 1.341138]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::VoodooGPIO Init!
[ 1.341140]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 0
[ 1.341158]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 1
[ 1.341178]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::VoodooGPIO Initializing Community 2
[ 1.341247]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::GPIO Controller is already awake! Not reinitializing.
[ 1.407151]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a160 Starting I2C controller
[ 1.407166]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a160 Set PCI power state D0
[ 1.407195]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a160 Publishing nub
[ 1.408268]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a160 Probing controller
[ 1.408276]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a160 Found valid Synopsys component, continuing with initialisation
[ 1.408322]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a160 Got bus configuration values
[ 1.408410]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a160 Publishing device nubs
[ 1.408607]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a161 Starting I2C controller
[ 1.408624]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a161 Set PCI power state D0
[ 1.408649]: VoodooI2CPCIController::pci8086,a161 Publishing nub
[ 1.411212]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a161 Probing controller
[ 1.411217]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a161 Found valid Synopsys component, continuing with initialisation
[ 1.411253]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a161 Got bus configuration values
[ 1.411305]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a161 Publishing device nubs
[ 1.411309]: VoodooI2CControllerDriver::pci8086,a161 Found I2C device: DLL07D1
[ 1.411346]: VoodooI2CDeviceNub::TPD1 Got GPIO Controller! VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH
[ 1.913530]: VoodooI2CHIDDevice:0x10000030b start
[ 1.913539]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::Registering hardware pin 0x1B for GPIO IRQ pin 0x1B
[ 1.913542]: VoodooGPIOSunrisePointH::Successfully registered hardware pin 0x1B for GPIO IRQ pin 0x1B
[ 14.016335]: VoodooI2CHIDDevice::DLL07D1 Timeout waiting for device to complete host initiated reset
[ 14.123157]: VoodooI2CHIDDevice:0x10000030b creating interfaces
[ 14.126305]: VoodooI2CHIDDevice:0x10000030b open by IOHIDEventDriver 0x10000042d (0x0)

Svilen’s MacBook Pro.ioreg

alps i2c i have same i2c in my dell latitude e7280

hi, I recently installed macos big sur on my lenovo yoga 520 14ikb intel kaby lake 8100u and uhd 620 graphics using the olarilla vannila image but the trackpad dosent work but is listed in ioregexplorer when i search the acpi name btw im using the default dsdt/ssdt that came with the image
AL Kindi Wilagabrata
send your IOREG and Original ACPI File
im currently on windows
so ill send it in a while
btw should i send a screen shot of ioreg?
wait im uploading efi file
i cant send files
its not uploading
i also cant send files through macos because i have a unsupported wifi card
what do i do now
how do i upload a file here
drag and drop is not working
AL Kindi Wilagabrata
we dont need ur EFI file, upload what im asking above and upload to somewhere and send the link here
AL Kindi Wilagabrata
well gdrive cant handle aml
where else?\
i zipped
this is the acpi
ill upload ioreg now
AL Kindi Wilagabrata
Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 15.07.44.png
Idk this is what came with the efi file
Im a newbie to hackintoshing
thats my ioreg
trackpad's acpi name is "TPAD0"