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I think i give up here... i wonder ... is it better to use scalablytyped ?
are u guys switching to that too ?
does this lib have a future ?
or will it be just simply replaced by scalablytyped ?
i mean this
i tried to fix it :
imported argonaut
no luck
there could be something off with the dependencies
if someone knows how to make it work, lemme know plz
i have not yet switched to scalably typed...
Hey Everyone
i need help to set custom marker in plotly chart
there is property symbolsrc but its not working
Jakub Dubovsky
Hey guys is somebody here able to tell me whether demo examples in here https://alexarchambault.github.io/plotly-scala/ are meant to work in almond kernel as well? I tried that basic line plot as an example and it fails with
cmd12.sc:13: not enough arguments for method plot: (path: String, traces: Seq[plotly.Trace], layout: plotly.layout.Layout, useCdn: Boolean, openInBrowser: Boolean, addSuffixIfExists: Boolean)java.io.File.
Unspecified value parameter layout.
val res12_3 = Plotly.plot("div-id", data)
                         ^Compilation Failed
Eric Czech
The "Plotly.plot" part of the demos is added automatically and is out of date (i.e. incorrect) at the moment. You could call data.plot though or use plot(data). This was helpful for me in finding what actually works: https://github.com/alexarchambault/plotly-scala/blob/master/almond/src/main/scala/plotly/Almond.scala
S Hussain
can somebody point me to a barebones jupyter lab demo using plotly-scala
Come on! Add more features into alomd-scala and plotly-scala
When the plotly-scala is as same as ploty.js that will nice no more.
Alexey Novakov
Hi there, I am wondering if this Plot type is easy to add or not?
Alexey Novakov
Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 10.54.42.png
After few hours I found how to extend the library. I will try to come up with a PR
Hi, I’m trying to run demo in scala.js but got error with message “Plotly is not defined”. Entire code (same as plotly-scala title page) is posted at https://github.com/nineclue/plotly-scalatest Any help would be appreciated.