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Mar 2018
Adrian Cole
Mar 09 2018 02:29
PS I haven't stopped interest on dubbo just distracted on another change I need to land that is unrelated. Will pickup on the spring boot starter soon
Justin Mclean
Mar 09 2018 03:48
re mail page you may be better off using the one hosted at Apache rather than markmail
Mar 09 2018 03:49
good news
Mar 09 2018 06:05
dubbo 向 monitor 发送的日志 怎么单独关掉 :fire: like this : [DUBBO] Send statistics to monitor zookeeper
Mar 09 2018 06:19
@chickenlj @lovepoem
Derric Xu
Mar 09 2018 08:50
ERROR utils.NetUtils - [DUBBO] Could not get local host ip address, will use instead., dubbo version: 2.0.1, current host: 服务器上一直报这个错 部署dubbo-admin
Mar 09 2018 14:36
@SuperDubbo using eclipse rather than idea can solve your problem