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Mar 2018
Ian Luo
Mar 12 2018 02:12
@zhaojigang this is how the default timeout value is defined.
Mar 12 2018 02:19
@beiwei30 基于dubbo的灰度服务发布有没有项目或者博客给借鉴下
Mar 12 2018 06:21
@sundy20 You can use different versions for the same service to support Gray release.
Mar 12 2018 07:14
Why, if the first heartbeat is not received, we can't think the connection is broken. TCP is a reliable agreement, and it's packet shouldn't be lost. @beiwei30
Ian Luo
Mar 12 2018 08:48
@zhaojigang that’s the heartbeat is designed for, if there’s no heartbeat received in the timeout window, then we need to consider the connection is broken, which will lead to a new connection is attempt to establish
Adrian Cole
Mar 12 2018 09:06
fyi as was easier for me I rebased my demo over the existing published spring boot starter (recently it is version 2)
Next week will be another spring-cloud milestone release, which will make this not need snapshot version. Meanwhile it isn't advertised
Ian Luo
Mar 12 2018 09:08
@adriancole any plan to switch to
Adrian Cole
Mar 12 2018 09:12
yeah just I have some core work I need to do in the next day or two. Once I have this done (in brave project) I can spend more time on this
Ian Luo
Mar 12 2018 09:38
cool, just for your information, we plan to release today or tomorrow, stay tuned.
Adrian Cole
Mar 12 2018 09:49
oh cool this is a final or release candidate or what @beiwei30?
Xin Wang
Mar 12 2018 16:04
@adriancole A final version