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Apr 2018
吴晟 Wu Sheng
Apr 04 2018 03:11
Hi, Dubbo community, when do you guys intend to release your first incubating version?
SkyWalking has supported dubbo from long time ago, since you may change package name in your apache jouney.
We need to provide a plugin to adaptor your new package name.
I want to know your schedule, if it is OK to share.
Ian Luo
Apr 04 2018 07:45
@kimmking we should put all kinds of extensions into github/dubbo group, this is where we plan for eco-system.
@dongqinliuzi the website for hosting dubbo-demo-provider-2.4.1-assembly.tar.gz is no longer available, pls. try to build the demo from the source code instead.
@wu-sheng would you mind to initial the discussion via
吴晟 Wu Sheng
Apr 04 2018 07:48
Sure. I just think this is a simple question.
Ian Luo
Apr 04 2018 07:49
@wu-sheng thanks, for keep mail alias active :)
Apr 04 2018 17:10
@beiwei30 that's a good idea, I could maintain for this components repo.