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    [Migration] Upgrade the @since … (compare)

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<dubbo:application name="provider" />
<!-- zookeeper作为注册中心 -->

<dubbo:registry protocol="zookeeper" address="zookeeper://,"/>
<!-- 用dubbo协议在20880端口暴露服务 -->

<dubbo:protocol name="dubbo" port="20880" />

<dubbo:config-center address="zookeeper://," />

<dubbo:monitor protocol="registry" />

<dubbo:provider filter="metrics" group="dubbo"/>
<!-- 生成远程服务代理,可以和本地bean一样使用demoService -->

<dubbo:service interface="com.sunwin.dubbozkpdemo.service.DemoService" ref="demoService"/>

<dubbo:metrics port="20880" protocol="dubbo" />

<bean id="demoService" class="com.sunwin.dubbozkpdemo.service.impl.DemoServiceImpl" />


<dubbo:application name="consumer" />
<dubbo:monitor protocol="registry"/>
<!-- zookeeper作为注册中心 -->
<dubbo:registry protocol="zookeeper" address="zookeeper://," />
<!-- 生成远程服务代理,可以和本地bean一样使用demoService -->

<dubbo:metrics port="20880" protocol="dubbo"/>

<dubbo:consumer filter="metrics" group="dubbo"/>

<dubbo:reference interface="com.sunwin.dubbozkpdemo.service.DemoService" id="demoService" group="dubbo"/>

Adrian Cole
hi. is this the same room as apache dubbo?
if so, in brave we are trying to release apache dubbo and in travis CI, tests that pass on OS/x fail Which looks like a bug
Caused by: org.apache.dubbo.common.bytecode.NoSuchMethodException: Not found method "sayHello" in class org.apache.dubbo.rpc.service.GenericService.
for some reason it is looking for the RPC method on the wrong type. "sayHello" would be on the interface type, not in the generic one
I tried to look through changelog for 2.7.4 and it was too much to notice. Also, I can't even find how javaassist ends up in the jar, because there is no reference to javaassist artifact in the entire repo.
± |master ✓| →  ag javaassist
28: * JavaassistRpcProxyFactory
no result matching the actual anything that would result in the dependency "org.javassist:javassist:jar:3.20.0-GA:provided"
so must be pulled implicitly somehow
anyway I don't know if this is a javaassist problem, but anyway if you know why this can happen in ubuntu, or if you seen a solution to this mismatch method. let me know
the problem does not exist in alibaba dubbo
only so far I can find in apache dubbo 2.7.3 .. I know 2.7.4 is being release voted, but I looked at the vote thread and suspect it isn't going to be out in the next day
Adrian Cole
main thing going on is we in zipkin are adding RPC sampling and I want to make sure dubbo works, and not just the alibaba one openzipkin/brave#1000
Adrian Cole
I will try next release of dubbo as upgrading javaassist didn't help .. anyway whatever is pulling in javaassist is also pulling old version 3.20 which has errors in recent JRE openzipkin/brave#1003
Adrian Cole
latest release works, but I think apache release is hung @chickenlj is this true?
looks like some debate so 2.7.4 is stuck and not likely to be released soon right?

Hi, Community,
Blog & Docs translation plan #368: apache/dubbo-website#368 最新状态已经更新,请认领任务的小伙伴请及时pre,想成为Dubbo contributor 的小伙伴可以关注这个计划,坑位还有,请及时占坑~

Hi, Community,
Blog & Docs translation plan # 368: apache/dubbo-website#368 latest status has been updated, please claim the task friend please pre, want to be a dubbo contributor buddy can focus on the plan, after the claim reply on this issue.
Thank you once again to build! Everyone has any ideas and suggestions? I look forward to your reply.

dubbo-admin 示例服务器是挂了么?
FeignClient 和Dubbo 一起用,Dubbo ServiceBean会错误的收到 Feign的Event,有人解决这个问题吗
话说, 什么时候 2.7.4 版本发布?
@ettingshausen 是挂了,打不开
Where can I know the new feature in 2.7.4-SNAPSHTO?
@tang199010 什么原理?
alibaba 内部版本是不是HSF。。。
dubbo 使用telenet命令,怎么登录查看配置中心的信息
但是我在dubbo 消费者上输入命令 telenet localhost 20880命令,没有进入dubbo://路径
搞定了,少输入了一个回车 sad