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icestore在使用的时候报错Invalid hook call.
alibaba/ice#2987 希望这个能尽快处理一下.
Sundaram Dubey
Hey this is Sundaram Dubey 3rd year Cse student from India . I want to participate this year in Asoc . Please guide me in proper direction.
@lwh001 npm run start -- --port 3333 就可以
@xqin 已支持
Sundaram Dubey
@imsobear please help me in get started .
@maze-runnar sorry, Asoc ended in September.
Sundaram Dubey
@imsobear i am asking for 2020 ASoC . Does ASoC needs early contributions like Google Summer of code .
Sahil Jha
@maze-runnar that will be a plus point, in my case I had prior contributions
Sundaram Dubey
thanks @sjha2048
Shivam Balikondwar
Will there be Asoc in 2020 ?
Tharaka Romesh
Hi Will there be ASOC this year?
Sundaram Dubey
Hi Will there be ASOC this year?
@imsobear @sjha2048 any updates on this?
Sahil Jha
Yeah, lil bit delayed this year
Saphal Patro
Are there any beginner issues on the repo that I can work on? @sjha2048 @imsobear
alibaba/ice#3197 work in progress
Shubham Verma
Hello all can I know about summer of code 2020 timeline
Hello everyone! also interested in participating in the Alibaba Summer of Code this year :)
Hi, could someone tell me how to write the part 2 of the ASoC proposal? (copy-paste the description in the issue directly or other)
I want to focus on improving the build/compilation of ice in this summer
Prathamesh Giri
but where we can find allocated organizations?
Swaraj Rajpure
Hello everyone. I'm Swaraj Rajpure. I'm an engineering student from India. Nice to meet you all!
Anjorin Olufemi Benjamin
Hi everyone Am Olufemi from Nigeria I found project ice projects really interesting and I am looking forward to work on one of them during the ASoC 2020
Arteev Raina
Hello Everyone! I am Arteev, a student developer from India and looking forward to participating in ASoC this year.
anyone alive there
Tharaka Romesh
Hi any uupdate on Summer of code 2021?
hi 各位大大
iceworks 安装vscode 在线安装装不上,后面离线下载安装的
是 marketplace 找不到吗?
Tharaka Romesh
Hi any update on Summer of code 2021?