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FYI hornestly, I try to install AllcountJs but still got error otherwise it can't not running. may be problem with nodejs version and dependencie issue ? :)
Marc Pompl
Currently, the ssl certificate of allcountjs.com is outdated. If you are trying to initialize a new project, access to templates fail. I've filed a new issue: allcount/allcountjs#146
Cristian Dan
Hello, I've searched everywhere but I can't seem to find how to set up allcount so that the root (/) of the app is serverd by my express app, and /admin is served by allcount.
Hello all
Can you tell me where can I find a complete documetation
may times I have to go to sources to understant what I have to do
Nile Frater
@faycal-inajjarane It's all here https://allcountjs.com/
That's all there is really
But I mean there's a fair bit, have a good look through
This project seems to be dead though, not sure I would keep using it :(
me too :worried:
Василий Рогин
Hi! Are there any similar project to Allcountjs? I had multiple orgarms when I saw Allcountjs in first time, and it is super-sad that project is abandoned. Maybe other projects with similar idea exists?
Maksim Muruev
Hi, I'm choosing framework. I need something with socket support "form upload progress bar" also ability customize html tags setting 'id' and so on for testing, create custom API calls. So Allcount will be right choice?
No, this project is not maintained anymore, this say in the readme.md .
I think all these 'specialized' frameworks have the problem of a small community and the risk of stopping to be maintained. An alternative to a full fledged framework like allcountjs is a slightly lower-level but still productive framework which you can use as a foundation to build your business app on. Some candidates: FeathersJS https://feathersjs.com/ (quickly build database-backed REST and websockets APIs, built on top of ExpressJS, fairly large community and actively developed) and AdonisJS (http://adonisjs.com/, "opinionated" MVC framework heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and PHP Laravel)
FeathersJS is a thin layer but what I see of it it can doo a lot of the "grunt" work for you ... AdonisJS is "opinionated" and really dictates the architecture of your app (I think it's a bit like SailsJS), this will not be everybody's cup of tea ...
Personally I would prefer something like FeathersJS, I don't like a framework that's so invasive and completely dominates the code base of my app, if ever AdonisJS gets abandoned then you've painted yourself in a corner, with FeathersJS not so much, could be fairly easily replaced
Kyaw Swar Thwin
allcountjs actions not work why?
I'm trying https://jhipster.github.io/ as an alternative...
Still I would be curious: does anyone know what happened and why it is not maintained anymore, as AllcountJs looks very promising to me - still as of today (I did not yet find such a comprehensive and simple solution including mobile clients).
All the people here who are a fan of the framework and asking "why is it not maintained anymore", why don't you take the initiative and become a core maintainer yourself? If you're actively using the framework then you're in the best position to improve or extend it ... however you would need to get in touch with the original founders/maintainers and try to develop a roadmap
On the other hand, I would first look if there aren't other frameworks already that ARE actively maintained and do 80% of what allcountjs does, probably AdonisJS (Rails like high productivity framework) will get you very far

FYI I am newbie ( still loke for AllcountJS ) , but +1 @leob ( you comment "help to contribute than blam on it" ) - from my point is RAD ( Rapid Application Development ) is Allcountjs is best , same kind is Hood.ie ( Hoodiejs db base on CouchDB ). :)

@myanmarunicorn AllCountJS is great app ( last 1-2year ) because for last few month they have problem with Dependencies hell. ( last night i testing i work well ( little bit with bson but not a problem for me )(node v6.10.2. )

Thanks for @allcountjs team for build great application. :)
Hoodie, yes I heard about it ... I think it has a different focus, it's mainly an "API backend" for mobile apps (also supporting offline mode), AllcountJS is more focused on building business webapps, right?
Regarding AllcountJS, what it promises (it's explained very well on the web page https://allcountjs.com/) looks VERY attractive, IF it works well then there should be a market for a tool like this ... however when I look at the Github repo it say in big letters "WARNING NOT MAINTAINED ANYMORE" ... is there any word from the authors why it's not maintained anymore?
One reason could be that it's a huge amount of work to maintain and develop this, especially if you want to make it generic ... it now assumes MongoDB, Angular and Bootstrap, people will want to use other databases and UI frameworks, and so on, so you need to make adapters etcetera ... this gets complicated quickly and is a big burden on a small team, maybe the framework is just a little bit too ambitious
The problem is also (I think) that the project has gained VERY little traction, I see that the Github repo has just 360 stars, that's tiny, almost nothing, even my simplistic Ionic starter has 81 stars ...so I think the authors failed totally on the "marketing" of the project ... just as important as the technical quality of the project is to build a community around it, right now when I Google "allcountjs" I can find almost no information, no blogs, no Stackoverflow ... this is deadly for an open source project
Yea, you are probably right, maybe it is the "marketing" and the lots of work... Most OSS projects only succeed if a company is (founded) in the background that lives from professional services for the OSS project... Too bad... Still when freshly researching for a framework like I currently do, I won't take it into A(ll)ccount now. I'll give jHipster with React Native a try now...
You don't necessarily need a company backing it up, but you need to use social media and build a community, it's vital for a project like this ... only 360 stars on Github, that's pretty terrible, for what it's worth nowadays success of an open source project is measured by how many thousand (preferably tens of thousand) Github stars you have ... it's not just a vanity metric, once you have that many "followers" they will also start to contribute ... this is a big fail in my book, even if the project is technically very good
jHipster is Java, while React Native is Javascript based ... isn't it better then to keep using Javascript on the server as well? (I don't really believe in sharing code between the server and the client but in any case it will save you the mental switch every time you go from server to client) ... I think for instance AdonisJS looks good for the server
Marc Weber
I need a small project implemented: 3 tabs + email templates + sending emails. Private message me if you're interested
Marc Weber
If JS objects don't guarantee order why are fields a dictionary ? Order does matter for GUI.
Marc Weber
Can I create a Form with relational fields set?
Marc Weber
Of course I offer compensation - no problem.
Maxim Sorokin
So, if smdy want to maintain Allcount - write directly to @paveltiunov .
i wish i have the skills to maintain allcount. this is a fantastic project that must not die.
Hi! I'm trying to get the current user logged in, so I can save on the entity object, wich user edited the object last. (I'm trying to create a kind of log...) But I can't figure it out how to get the current user. I'll use that info on a after update function...
Fabio José
Hi yuricampos, I user this method signature
afterUpdate (NewEntity, OldEntity, User)
In the method impl just use the User object and get what you need. This works !!
Thank you!
Hi All
I am installing allcountjs on c9
and trying to start helloworld-app
getting following error

varundabke:~/workspace/helloworld-app $ allcountjs run
Using db url: mongodb://localhost:27017/helloworld-app
{ Error: Cannot find module '../build/Release/bson'
at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:485:15)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:437:25)
at Module.require (module.js:513:17)
at require (internal/module.js:11:18)
at Object.<anonymous> (/home/ubuntu/workspace/helloworld-app/node_modules/bson/ext/index.js:15:10)
at Module._compile (module.js:569:30)
at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:580:10)
at Module.load (module.js:503:32)
at tryModuleLoad (module.js:466:12)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:458:3) code: 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND' }
js-bson: Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version
Failed to fetch "app-config". Trying to use as regular directory.

mongo db is installed already
hi @parabhairav_twitter, seems to be a problem with mongoose version, checkout this thread : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28651028/cannot-find-module-build-release-bson-code-module-not-found-js-bson