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Apr 2016
Martin Dobmeier
Apr 12 2016 07:16
Thanks @adamdubiel . Will check it out
Stevo Slavić
Apr 12 2016 12:38
on allegro/hermes#435 I mentioned some NPEs
wouldn't like to pollute further discussion there, but would like to share at least that we're not actively trying to reproduce those errors at the moment, but if we notice them again we will for sure report back
Stevo Slavić
Apr 12 2016 12:44
I guess it was some missing validation or logic errors assuming all new fields in 0.8.6 will be provided and are mandatory, so hermes-management accepted input (from our test scripts) which worked well with 0.8.4; we were quick to update test scripts to be compliant with what 0.8.6 expected, and haven't reproduced issue since