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May 2016
Stevo Slavić
May 20 2016 11:00
@druminski any update on this one, how is env var name determined for external provisioning of configuration?
couldn't figure it out myself by brief code inspection
Łukasz Drumiński
May 20 2016 12:51

Hi @sslavic ,

First time chatting with you, so first of all big thanks for your contribution in Hermes. With it Hermes becomes better open source software and this makes us happier developers :)

As for your providing config for custom app/main class, it is related with gradle plugin called ‘application' ( This plugin provides distZip task and when you run it for your custom app then zip file with startup scripts is generated. Startup script for linux distribution can be found in build/distributions/ When you run this script then HERMES_FRONTEND_OPTS env will not be used, only YOUR_APP_NAME_OPTS will be. This is because of how distZip generates startup scripts. Therefore, please try to use correct environment variable name and let us know if it works. If it does then we will update the docs.

Stevo Slavić
May 20 2016 14:01
thank you very much for heads up
will try it out and get back to you