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Jul 2016
Stevo Slavić
Jul 06 2016 09:56
actually, it's not a fallback, graphite prefix is not a prefix, it's prefix of a prefix
Stevo Slavić
Jul 06 2016 10:07
it would be nice if:
  • configured prefix was treated as full prefix, if configured use it as graphite prefix
  • if prefix of a prefix is defined, would be nice to have
    -- complete prefix calculation overridable, and
    -- for default logic at least hostname calculation should be overridable
Stevo Slavić
Jul 06 2016 14:38
noticed 0.8.9 got released
subscription metdata gets mentioned in few commits
in short what is it about? where could I read more other than code?
Adam Dubiel
Jul 06 2016 15:42
it wikl be in regeneratrd docs at readthedocs in subscribing section - check it, shpuld be updated by now :)