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Apr 2015
Apr 17 2015 01:25
really stupid question.....just installed the ralph docker....go to login....don't know the default login credentials. :(
I'm not a developer...just an end user who just heard about Ralph and wanted to kick the tires, but am stuck
Mateusz Kurek
Apr 17 2015 05:40
@sjaredj user:ralph passoword:ralph
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Apr 17 2015 05:48
@sjaredj quickstart is your friend if you are new
Apr 17 2015 12:39
Awesome! That worked!
Apr 17 2015 20:54
Trying to get network discovery setup. The docs say "Go to ‘Networks’ module and find network you want to scan.".....what is the networks module? I can not see any more documentation on it and can't find the web page that shows in the screenshot in the docs.