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Aug 2015
Aug 05 2015 14:00
I have a few questions on Ralph. How difficult will it be to transfer information to Ralph? Currently I am using Racktables. Further, can hard drives be tracked specifically until destruction with Ralph?
Some other questions I have on Ralph is that is it able to track the full life- cycle of an asset from purchase through to disposal ? and how well is it able to manage spares? If someone can get back to me as soon as they can I will greatly appreciate it! I am trying to find an asset management tool that can meet our companies needs and I just want some insight onto Ralph! Thanks again!
Aug 05 2015 14:19
Finally, is Ralph an opensource project ? Are there any costs that I need to be aware of with Ralph?
El Acheche ANIS
Aug 05 2015 15:22
I can answer just the question, yes it is Open Source →
Aug 05 2015 16:31
Okay thanks!