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Aug 2015
Pierre-Yves Dubreucq
Aug 26 2015 08:06
@vi4m I'm sorry but I don't know what it could be "Network Terminator" I have to be sure to understand because I'm translating Ralph in French do you have an example please ?
Aug 26 2015 13:06
is there any more input on the issue i'm having with DC view not being available in Ralph 3?
Mateusz Kurek
Aug 26 2015 17:47
@ivan-sv you have two options: 1) wait until @vi4m will fix deb package to include properly static files (probably next week, because he's on vacation right now) 2) use other way to install ralph (i'd suggest docker image)
@pydubreucq it's device which is connected directly to carriers line (could be load balancer for example (i think so))
Aug 26 2015 18:15

@mkurek I've tried installing it from the docker image, but as i mentioned previously, i couldn't locate the file that was required for setup

Create compose configuration
Copy docker-compose.yml.tmpl outside ralph sources to docker-compose.yml and tweak it.
You can find experimental docker-compose configuration in directory. Be aware, it is still a beta.
but the file is missing