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Nov 2015
Michał Suszko
Nov 25 2015 12:45
ugh, migration squash is major PITA for me, does it serve some greater purpose?
Michał Suszko
Nov 25 2015 12:50
Do you consider virtualization model complete?
Currently VirtualServer can be linked to CloudProject or DataCenterAsset. I don't see any way to link CloudProject to hardware.
Mateusz Kurek
Nov 25 2015 14:14
@msuszko what about squashing? the main purpose was to make migrations easier for new users (we have some tuff migrations for ServiceEnv, Licence and Support inheriting from BaseObject). could you describe potential problems for you? about virtualization: first part of it is work in progress here: allegro/ralph#1945 ; in the second part we'll finish virtual servers (not-cloud)
Michał Suszko
Nov 25 2015 14:31
@mkurek I have production env with few other apps, so have to resolve migration dependencies, reapply my patches to squashed migrations, perform migration in two stages and delete nonexistant migration data from DB
and then recreate all environments