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Feb 2016
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Feb 17 2016 09:37
@mrueg new deb snapshot available with LOG_FILEPATH env variable parsing
Manuel Rüger
Feb 17 2016 15:48
still trying to run it with gunicorn. this line causes an issue for me right now
File "/home/ralph/ralph-20160217.3/src/ralph/", line 7, in monkey_options_init
self.old_init(meta, app_label)
File "/home/ralph/ralph-20160217.3/src/ralph/", line 13, in <lambda>
self, meta, app_label
RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded
anyone got an idea on that?
Manuel Rüger
Feb 17 2016 15:55
nvm, was a misconfiguration in my wsgi script