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Mar 2016
Mar 09 2016 13:54
How do you add assets to support (or support to an asset) ? On this url : http://localhost:8000/supports/support/231/assignments/ you cannot navigate through asset when you want add an assignment. This is neither possible by http://localhost:8000/data_center/datacenterasset/200/data_center_asset_support/ When you click on add it add an empty column too.
Mateusz Kurek
Mar 09 2016 14:15
@aveseb in your first link, in asset field you need to type asset property (ex. barcode, sn etc) or use the magnifier icon to open popup with list of assets
Mar 09 2016 15:16
@mkurek Ok I see what you mean. I've compared with the online demo on and I haven't the same thing. I think it's a problem with cache on django or something like that (i've tried with 2 different browser). I tried ralph clean_cache ; ralph clean_pyc without success, would you have an idea ? I'm using vagrant in order to make a pre-version of my environnement before install it on a true server.