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May 2016
Arkadiusz Adamski
May 27 2016 07:18
@pydubreucq try install debug-toolbar by following command:
sudo /opt/ralph/ralph-core/bin/pip install -e git+
and after that run dev_ralph runserver
Pierre-Yves Dubreucq
May 27 2016 13:27
@ar4s it's ok with dev_ralph after install django-debug-toolbar
Pierre-Yves Dubreucq
May 27 2016 14:03
If I enabled debug=true in /opt/ralph/ralph-core/lib/python3.4/site-packages/ralph/settings/ I can access to Ralph
I don't understand why
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
May 27 2016 14:41
We are aware of this issue and plan to fix it soon. With this flag enable everything should run smoothly
Debug just enables in-app static files serving, without external complex web server setup. It just simplifies deployment.