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Jun 2016
Jun 29 2016 01:48
Thank you for this response. Will Ralph 3 allow me to add in more fields to, for example, the Hardware Generic components so I can add in dates of when a hard drive or stick of Ram was installed...or add new fields to Hardware Network tab so I can add in which eth NIC is used for cablling? I find Ralph almost perfect for my needs but there are a few fields missing to make it better for my use case.
Is there a place where I could make suggestions for new functionality (even if it just some new fields required)? Thank you.
Mateusz Kurek
Jun 29 2016 05:12
hi @greavette . Ralph3 will be finished soon and we're working on the components (hard drives etc) right now. To this day we've added ethernet and memory components. IPAM feature is also ready to play with (see Network tab of single host).
Jun 29 2016 18:06
This is fantastic news! Thank you for your hard work on this project. I look forward to these new additions. Could I ask if your new components section will allow me to keep track of each hard drive in each bay on our server for the following - Make/Model, Serial Number, Size, Drive Bay Location, End of Warranty date and Date of install? Come to think of it...this same detail could be applied to RAM as well (instead of Drive bay DIMM slot). Would reporting be able to give us this new detail on HDD and Ram as well?