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Jul 2016
Jul 01 2016 17:07
This Ralph Asset Management System you've created has so much potential! I have lots of questions though and I don't know where to ask them so I'll add them here for now. If there is another place to confirm Ralph functions that I should post this please let me know. I've now installed Ralph 3 on my virtual machine. I'm reading the documentation and I'm confused by the potentially three types of Ralph's that exist. Ralph 2.x (obviously an older verion), Ralph-NG and Ralph 3. Is Ralph 3 going to be your go forward version to use? Where does Ralph-NG fit in?
Ralph 2.x seems to have some very good features like discovery. I don't see discovery in Ralph 3? Is there a roadmap of what currently exists in Ralph 2.x that will be incorporated into Ralph 3? I would like to test the discovery agent of Ralph but can't find it in my install of Ralph 3.
How can I change the heading of some fields in Ralph 3? I see in Hardware components the item heading of "memories'. I want this to say RAM instead. Is there a way to customize the headings to what I need/want?
I see Ralph 3 allows me to add custom fields...but it's not quite the way I need it. For example, in Memories section I want to add in the DIMM slot used by that RAM stick. Or another example, I want to add in the eth port used by a NIC/IP address. How can I add in extra fields to existing data collection?
Jul 01 2016 17:13
I would like to add in details for every physical server disk details. I see that Ram (Memories) is added. I will need to record for my physical servers the Drive Bay used, Disk Size, Make or Model of Disk, Speed, Date the disk was installed and the Date that warranty will end for that disk. How can I add this to the Asset Components for each server?
I have Supermicro servers that have multiple nodes in them. Think of them like a blade system. In my Server I have dual (2) power supplies only so it's just a case. This case has two hot swap nodes that are full servers. In each node I will have the full computer components of a server (RAM, Disk Bays, CPU's, NIC's..etc). So I need to be able to record in Ralph the rack location of this Server Case and give it a name...and I need to assign to this case each Server Node. Racktables allowed me to do something like this using a blade type system. I'm hoping Ralph will allow me the same function.
Jul 01 2016 17:21
It would appear that Ralph 2.x was a website (I didn't install it but saw reference within the installation instructions to using Apache). Ralph 3 runs as a service. Is there plans to have Ralph 3 run as a website like Racktables or is this the new method to run it as a service only?
Can Ralph be skinned so we can add in our Office name on the Dashboard?
I know you are all still working on Ralph 3 and more features are coming. I'm really very impressed with what you've done with this Asset Management system and would very much like to understand it better so I can document how our office can use it to our requirements. Thank you.