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Aug 2016
Bryan Taylor
Aug 19 2016 16:04
still trying to get docker working this is where i'm at:
[root@yp-personal ralph-docker]# docker-compose  up
Starting ralphdocker_redis_1
Creating ralphdocker_data_1
Starting ralphdocker_inkpy_1
Recreating ralphdocker_db_1
Creating ralphdocker_web_1

ERROR: for web  Cannot start service web: oci runtime error: no such file or directory
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

[root@yp-personal ralph-docker]# grep working_dir docker-compose.yml
  working_dir: /opt/ralph/src

[root@yp-personal ralph-docker]# docker run -ti ralphdocker_web ls /opt/ralph/src
ralph  ralph.egg-info
this is crazy no sense
Bryan Taylor
Aug 19 2016 21:52
Got docker working :) I'm a few commits back though allegro/ralph#2748