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Sep 2016
Sep 22 2016 09:18
good morning
where can I find information about whether fields (f.e. sn or hostname) need to be unique?
Sep 22 2016 09:25
a re-deployed VM will have a new ID (-> sn in Ralph), but still have the same name
so, do I query for the sn or for the name, when I search a VM in Ralph?
Mateusz Kurek
Sep 22 2016 09:40
both hostname and sn are enforced to be unique
Sep 22 2016 11:40
but leaving those fields blank is valid, at least via API
Mateusz Kurek
Sep 22 2016 11:46
yes - it could be empty, but when it's not empty it has to be unique
Bryan Taylor
Sep 22 2016 21:27
Hey guys, I pitched ralph to the boss... he didn't say no
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Sep 22 2016 21:36
how many assets do you plan to manage in Ralph?
just curious