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Oct 2016
Oct 14 2016 20:03
what is the best way to make virtual connections between assets? especially in Dc view?
thanks in advance for any help
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Oct 14 2016 20:09
Virtual? What kind ?
Oct 14 2016 20:10
hm, well i want to be able to view connections between machines. e.g. i have server1 and server2. Each have 1 eth port. I want to show server1 eth1 is connected to server2 eth1.
i am not sure if possible
Oct 14 2016 20:20
Someone asked earlier, "Is there a way to add ports to a network switch and then connect them to devices, other switches, etc" and someone else said they would show an example but i never saw that... i get the feeling I'm talking about something very similar to that person... apologies if this is old news to everyone else but I'm new to Ralph and have no idea how to configure this