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Oct 2016
Darren Poulson
Oct 18 2016 01:03
Hey, just trying to install the docker instance, but its failing on part of the bower install due to my company blocking git:// . Is there anyway to force it to use https://?
If I was doing this without docker, I'd use git config --global url."https://".insteadOf git://, but how can I do this in a docker build?
Oct 18 2016 08:02
Hey, would it be possible to have virtual servers that are not attached to an hypervisor (or optionaly). When we work with vmware, virtual servers can be moved manually or automatically inside the cluster. In my opinion, attaching a virtual server to a cluster and having our hypervisor attached to the cluster makes more sens to me. This schema would be less restrictive. What do you think of it ?
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Oct 18 2016 08:03
@dpoulson you can modify our Dockerfile, and build it by yourself (docker build . )
@dpoulson just add git config -- line somewhere after installing git in Dockerfile
@aveseb we might also change hypervisor to just baseobject (any choosen object)
Oct 18 2016 11:53
@vi4m I didn't think about this solution but, yes it would even be better