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Jan 2017
Jan 11 2017 04:44
I've successfully imported the apt-key and now trying to run "apt-get update", however I'm getting HttpError 403 pertaining to the fetch from the ralph sources for ralph 3.0. Any idea?
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Jan 11 2017 06:23
We are having some issue with bintray deb hosting. Working on it
Jim Ntosas
Jan 11 2017 11:36
Hello world!
Whenever you solve the issue with deb hosting please send a notice here :) ty in advance
Jan 11 2017 16:07
well, seems like everything at "" is accessible, only the deep directory "/Packages" gives 403
Jan 11 2017 16:17
ah no. only directory listing now, no files downloadable