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Jan 2017
Marco Lanzotti
Jan 27 2017 11:14
hi all
I'm new on Ralph
I installed Ralph 3 via deb package following instructions here:
but I cannot see drop down top menus like the demo version
any idea?
Marco Lanzotti
Jan 27 2017 11:29
installed version is 3.0.0-snapshot-20170120-7552 (last available on repository)
Jan 27 2017 11:30

Did you type:

1.    Type ralph migrate to create tables in your database.
2.   Type ralph sitetree_resync_apps to reload menu.
3.    Type ralph createsuperuser to add new user.


Marco Lanzotti
Jan 27 2017 11:31
tables were created and i can log in
I can try to re-run ralph sitetree_resync_apps
wow, it works!
probably something went wrong in first run
thank you!
Jan 27 2017 11:36
Jan 27 2017 12:42
Hey guys, I'm looking into Ralph3 as a DCIM, but i'm running into two issues, perhaps someone here is familiar with them
The first one is 'AttributeError at /data_center/rack/process_import/' when i'm trying to import racks for csv or excel
Django is complaining about not being able to set ManyToManyField
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Jan 27 2017 13:25
@xliiv ?
Jan 27 2017 13:29
@PatrickdeNiet we're talking o2o.. as soon we get solution we
we'll publish it here
Jan 27 2017 13:38