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Mar 2017
Mateusz Kurek
Mar 08 2017 06:39
@spencewb16_twitter what is your current directory (for execution of this statement)? Is this ralph's directory?
Mar 08 2017 19:55
yes i am in root directory for ralph... (e.g. i am in /opt/ralph/ when executing)
same result if i run cmd in /opt/ralph/ralph-core
or just /opt .... seems like no matter where i get same result. but again, i have no idea where I'm supposed to be running this, or if there is some prerequisite i'm supposed to have (besides pip obviously, which i do have)
Ramon Buckland
Mar 08 2017 22:22
During the bower install steps (when building ralph docker). there is a set of git:// dependencies.
these do not work when behind a corporate proxy.
is there any change of adding a local config to the git repo git config url."https://".insteadOf git://
the build works all a.ok with this small change.