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Apr 2017
Ramon Buckland
Apr 06 2017 05:23

@vi4m I am also asking the question above

hi, how should I document switch ports and link them to server network interfaces? same for PDU I see that I can add a power_socket as optional to the rack but that's it.
should I use custom fields for that?

Does Ralph have that functionality - and if not, is there a ticket for it - I can begin working on it.
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Apr 06 2017 09:32
Ralph does not have this functionality, let’s do it! Maybe start with a proposal (requirements / draft) similar to allegro/ralph#2243 allegro/ralph#1850 )
@rbuckland if you have some ideas - just write it down :)
there are some issues, but let’s @rbuckland create new
Ramon Buckland
Apr 06 2017 09:33
is there existing functionality you want to rely on ? from other systems?
rack tables has something, but I didn’t test it
Apr 06 2017 20:15
@vi4m the way Racktables has it is actually really nice, i like it anyway (completely subjective i know). I made my own very simplistic hack-y way of showing connections in Ralph but it's all aesthetic, nothing fancy where actual linking occurs or anything (like Racktables has). see screenshot below - basically just under specs>ethernet - i have an eth port dropdown, the machine it's connected to (auto-resolve naming, connected to dc hostname field), then "remote"eth port (in other words the port of that machine). again, really simplistic. literally just a way to write it down and look not terrible. i had no need for the original ethernet fields so
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.13.54 PM.png
oh and by the way, whoever was helping me with ldap thanks i got it all figured out now :) :)
Apr 06 2017 21:48
anyway i'd be willing to help with real port connections if i can... instead of my cheap option