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Apr 2017
Ramon Buckland
Apr 13 2017 08:17
@vi4m with the nextgen (Ralph 3) - what is the approach being taken for exposing fields in the UI, to sections in the API ?

One example I have right now .. (along the future lines of a server has 4 NICs and I need to tie these to the physical port on a switch asset).

I found the field "Label" under the datacenterasset/7/network/ endpoint - for an ethernet entry...

so I figured - as a start I can populate that with a NIC reference .. sfp/1,iLO or onboard/2 for example. But I find that dumping the data_center assets, this "Label" field does not come out.
Ramon Buckland
Apr 13 2017 08:25
oh - it is okay - I found it .. on ethernets. (API endpoint).
Ramon Buckland
Apr 13 2017 08:39
@spencewb16_twitter Where is the "specs> menu" item ?
I am using Ralph 3 - but can;t locate that.
.. "Asset .. > Components" :-) Found it.
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Apr 13 2017 13:06
Apr 13 2017 16:35
cool. glad you found it. took me a minute to find where it was too.