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Jul 2017
Jul 17 2017 09:52
How can I set a custom field via API? I tried to PATCH "fieldname" and "custom_fields.fieldname", both do not work
Jul 17 2017 10:41
thx, again, sorry for not consulting docu first
and shucks, I have to write another wrapper for custom fields now.... :(
Jul 17 2017 11:10
open for criticism/ideas? the idea to add a deep url for customfields isn't pretty, codewise. WOuld have been easier if you treated them like "normal" attributes.
Jul 17 2017 11:16
or even like subobjects, f.e. RAM. I have lookup functions that do a RAM sync, based on the id of the vm. First thing is a lookup if the VM already has a RAM object, if yes modify to its current size, if not create a new one. Cannot use that sync because the URL is completely different.
and yes, i know, that's not your but my fault :)
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Jul 17 2017 11:20
@rudy500 i’m on vacation right now :) though team can help with it. Ask @mkurek about how to handle translation of our mkdocs based manuals we still haven’t figured it out how to handle it the best;)
@heaquan we will probably issue new release with exported language files - Django handles it quite easily - just download transifex files and put into Ralph folder
@romcheg is preparing new release