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Aug 2017
Aug 29 2017 09:30

OK, the error is out, if I enter a domain user to AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN

The ldapsync tests are working good

but now I have a question, the major configuration as beyond is to sync only one user or all users with AUTH_LDAP_USER_USERNAME_ATTR in the name?

AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI = "ldap://"     # ldap domain server
AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN = "ralph-sync"                # login user
AUTH_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD = "password"                # user pass
AUTH_LDAP_USER_SEARCH_BASE = "OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=net"    # OU where is synced user
AUTH_LDAP_USER_USERNAME_ATTR = "ziompaul"    # user to sync
username = ldap_dict[settings.AUTH_LDAP_USER_USERNAME_ATTR][0]
KeyError: 'pszczecinski'

Sorry for my quesrions that may be very trivial for you, but I am very beginer and your documentation is not idiotresistant ;-)

username = ldap_dict[settings.AUTH_LDAP_USER_USERNAME_ATTR][0]
KeyError: 'ziompaul'
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Aug 29 2017 16:45
i guess you should put attribute name here which maps username in LDAP to the username in ralph field
i don’t what how it’s called - username maybe ?
or login - check in your LDAP
David P. Discher
Aug 29 2017 23:45
Two things - First, wondering how to relax the number of required fields. There are some fields being required, that for like tracking VM instances, doesn't make any sense.
Second, as part of boot strapping my data and importing, I'm trying to update a set of VM hosts with IP addresses ... however, via the API, it looks like a data center asset, has an array of ethernets objects. Each ethernet object contains an ipaddresses object. I've managed to create both of these via the API, and associate them to the base_object, however both ethernet and ipaddress objects point to each other.
So, they never showed up in the Ralph UI, but can see them via the API.
David P. Discher
Aug 29 2017 23:51
but getting the raw JSON from the api, references in ethernet and ipaddress objects - were always null, and I couldn't get them to set