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Oct 2017
Oct 11 2017 06:53
Hi everyone - I have a questions that Ralph function auto-discovery. I didn't find the auto-discovery document. But, I found similar function Python developed. But, I wonder.
I want to implement to auto-discovery function in Ralph. Please help me.
Oct 11 2017 18:38
@tretos53 I would suggest checking permissions on the specified folders to make sure they are correct. If you're running ralph under a different user other than root, make sure that your group or user has write permissions on the location. If running in a docker, make sure your volumes are specified in your compose file to mount the file system.
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Oct 11 2017 20:35
@misterash not present yet
@godet71 what discovery method you want to use ? ping? snpm? ipmi?