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Nov 2017
Nov 14 2017 00:13
hi guys, I'm having a problem clicking on the "this form" link for resetting a password. It seems "Cannot click on password change link #2237" bug is still relevant :(
Roman Prykhodchenko
Nov 14 2017 07:57
@vi4m could you please add @alanfelive to the Russian translation team on transifex? The account is spelled the same -- alanfelive
Nov 14 2017 11:43
Also, the search facility on seems broken - anything I search for returns 0 results :(
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Nov 14 2017 13:13
@alanfelive done
Nov 14 2017 18:16
@vi4m Thank you!
Nov 14 2017 19:42
please can someone help me with the relationship between "back office infrastructure" and "warehouses"? I don't understand how this works with normal end-user devices that are not in store, but in use