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Jan 2018
Jan 17 2018 04:14
hi,everyone, when I install develop env for ralph3, I met the error" default: django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table 'ralph_ng.transitions_transition' doesn't exist") ". I think it is because there are no tables but ralph3 try to migrate them(from ralph2). How to solve this problems?
Jan 17 2018 09:52
@se7en9057 I met the error also when install develop environment and do migrate
Charley Sheets
Jan 17 2018 23:53
@se7en9057 can you provide more details than "doesn't seem to work". it should be a command you execute in your bash shell.
@vi4m I see that for my PR #3213 the travis-ci build didn't complete, but I can't figure out why and there's no log. Do you know anything else I should try?
Well, I guess there's a log but it just says null