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Apr 2018
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Apr 03 2018 10:28
@bulion96 i haven’t heard about such integration, but you know - it’s open source, and there are open API’s to build on it
Roman Prykhodchenko
Apr 03 2018 11:33
@tretos53 sorry for a long delay -- we had several holidays in a raw here.
We are trying a several concepts for implementing notifications for expirins support contracts, licenses, etc
No guarantees, however, when we are going to implement a version of that that is generic enough in order to make it public :(
Also I'm not sure when we will have time for that feature, because there is a lot of things in our backlog ATM
If you want, you can try implementing it and we will gladly provide you some of the thoughts we have had and will support your work in order to land it to the main branch
Roman Prykhodchenko
Apr 03 2018 11:39
Re migration: migrating the database is relatively easy. Also you should mount appropriate directory for static files and uploads
That should do it
Charley Sheets
Apr 03 2018 21:54
What versions of python are expected to work with ralph? I ran into a problem with python 3.4, which I documented as #3250 but closed once I understood that the problem was python 3.4 and not with ralph itself. I'm now running into a different problem with python 3.6.
looks like 3.4 is being used for CI, though, so maybe that issue shouldn't be closed quite yet