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Jul 2018
Jul 26 2018 13:55
actually @vi4m i've changed my way of thinking and I could just make a "script" for ralph-cli and that will make my life 1000 times better, but will it accept things written in go or do i need to rewrite in python. I have all of my go program done minus contacting the api, but while re-reading the ralph-cli documentation, i remembered that I'm going about this so backwards and can just do it the easy way
Jul 26 2018 15:46
nevermind lol, all my hard work was pointless i can just use the because all our servers have an idrac in them, if anything i can take this as a good learning exercise lol
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Jul 26 2018 16:32
It’s Good idea to start with idrac script :) you can customize it if you need, or even execute external script
Jul 26 2018 16:57
I haven't worked with python really prior other then running python scripts never making, so i guess i get to learn that then
Eduardo Casarero
Jul 26 2018 22:22
Hi I am having some trouble understanding how to create a virtual-server and then adding its IP address I think I am not going in the right sequence. So I hit first and create a base object, but then should I send a PATCH to the created object? or should I create an ethernet link it to the vm, then create an ip and link to ethernet?