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Aug 2018
Fabian Krack
Aug 31 2018 11:07
Hi. Looking at the project statistics on github ( it looks like the development activity decreased since roughly July 2017. Is RalphNG sort of feature-complete for Allegro, or did something else change, e.g. most active developers do not have enough time anymore? Or maybe my guessing is completely wrong :-)
Karsten Heymann
Aug 31 2018 12:17
My guess would be that the extreme success of netbox ( somewhat reduced the drive of the project. But that's only a guess too.
Roman Prykhodchenko
Aug 31 2018 13:27
@onibox it's not feature complete ofc
We have several other projects besides Ralph that have beed having bigger priority since some time
We have been discussing some of the ideas on how to consolidate our manpower to put more pulse into the project internally but have no specific solution atm
Fabian Krack
Aug 31 2018 14:31
@kasimon Netbox from DO has a very network centric perspective and IMHO lacks features that RalphNG provides.
Fabian Krack
Aug 31 2018 14:37
@romcheg Thx for the info. Do you have put together a list of missing features? The roadmap on github has not been updated since two years:
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Aug 31 2018 18:36
@onibox i would say future complete (almost)
backoffice, dc, visualization, transitions and workflows, custom fields, graphs with statsd integration, printing pdf invoices and custom documents, hardware surveys, rest API and CLI, my equipment self-service, and deployment / dhcp and powerdns integration
the missing parts are better documentation (will be the focus till the end of year), and probably network connections between racks (don’t have date yet)
and udpates for new ubuntu of course
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Aug 31 2018 18:43
so it’s rather different software than netbox , being more assets management. Of course we have some basic IPAM functions integrated and using it without any other IPAM software with success