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Nov 2018
Fabian Krack
Nov 15 2018 12:56
ralph-cli project on github looks stale, last commit from 2016. Does the tool still work with RalphNG?
Fabian Krack
Nov 15 2018 13:35
And is it still recommended to be used, or is there a better tool?
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Nov 15 2018 17:12
I guess it should work - it’s just API client for ralph API
having said that, most people just write own API clients / curl scripts, that’s why we don’t develop ralph-cli tool
do you want something specify to automate / import ?
Fabian Krack
Nov 15 2018 17:49
No, was just looking for a CLI tool for RalphNG that fully supports the API.
Thanks for your answer!