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Jan 2019
Damian Blejwas
Jan 10 07:42
Hello @ahaupt, #3143 was closed yesterday. Unfortunately we couldn't remove unique constraint from model, so we decided that min_ip and max_ip fields shouldn't be editable by API (these fields are not editable in UI as well). These are internal fields, which are calculated on model save (min_ip is network address and max_ip is broadcast address of provided network).
Subhash Verma
Jan 10 08:01
Hi all, thanks a lot for the help. I could fix the issue by changing the permissions. Now, there is another problem that I have run into
I created another user for entering the back office assets and tried to give them all the necessary permissions
Subhash Verma
Jan 10 08:06

Asset53 of 54
Asset Holder4 of 4
Asset Last Hostname4 of 4
Attachment4 of 4
Attachment Item4 of 4
Base Object17 of 17
Base Object Cluster3 of 4
Base Object Licence3 of 4
Category3 of 4
Component Model3 of 4
Custom Field3 of 4
Custom Field Value3 of 4
Domain Category6 of 7
Manufacturer3 of 4
Manufacturer Kind3 of 4
Model24 of 25
Office Infrastructure3 of 4
Region11 of 11
Tagged Item3 of 4
Version3 of 4
Warehouse3 of 4

I have given all these accesses (the ones which aren't given as only delete accesses)

I was thinking this should be enough for them to add new assets
But every time they are saving the assets, they are getting 500 error
While if I try adding with my account (which has all the access rights) there is no such error
I hope I am able to explain the issue properly
Jan 10 13:20
Stupid question: how do I change a network gateway address via the API? According to the docs one references the id of an ipaddress object - but that does not work in my case: curl -sX PATCH -F 'type=application/json' http://ralph:8000/api/networks/414/ -H 'Authorization: Token xxxxx' '{"gateway": "24" }' There is no error message, but the field is not modified.
✪ vi4m Marcin Kliks
Jan 10 15:54
good question :) @ahaupt
what status code do you get? could you curl -vv ?