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Repo info
I am running my test in Browserstack. I am using webdriverio and Allure as reporting tool. The report getting generated but Browserstack device name is not showing up in the Allure Report. Can anyone help?
hi folks!
I'm trying to add allure reports to my project, but I can't find any instructions on what kind of configuration I need for my set of tools. I use gradle / groovy / geb / spock
Could you please help me to determine the configuration in build.gradle and steps to set up the reporting ?
Could someone explain what is the purpose of <Allure Maven Plugin> "allure:aggregate" goal? Can't find any corresponding documentation
Hello, folks! We've just launched Allure GitHub Discussions (https://bit.ly/3g664UO) for any Allure improvement ideas and questions; feel free to join!
We plan to support both products there, Allure Report & Allure TestOps.
Hi. I got one problem. How can I get the data which I attach to the allure report by allure.attach()?
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Hi. I got one problem. How can I get the data which I attach to the allure report by allure.attach()?

can anybody help me, pls?

Nir Tal

New article "Test Automation - How To Attach Public IP Address To Allure Report Using Pytest And Requests"


Alexander Pavlov
Hi there, i'm trying to start using allure with pytest, but i have a problem, after "apt install allure" (i have ubuntu 20.04) i can't use allure with "allure" command, system can't find command, neither do i can't find executable file. After adding ppa:qameta/allure i have a message: 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/qameta/allure/ubuntu focal Release' does not have a Release file. Does anyone had such problem?
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Iasi Salomon
Does anyone have experience on reporting Artillery.io results into allure? Any article or documentation that you would reccomend?
kamesh waran
Hi there! can anyone help me out to get the command to clear allure results. Actually I'm running automation in webdriverIO using JS. I've tried ouple commands but I still see the old results. Any help will be appreciated!🙂
Pavel Dovgan
Hello everyone
is it possible to generate Allure report without Allure CL?
i.e from project

Hi, prompt with a solution to receive an empty Allure-report on a remote machine. The results themselves are generated and added to the allure-results folder, but for some reason allure-report is displayed empty, that is, it does not add data to the allure-report / data / test-cases folder, what might be wrong?

allure-results path: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/my-project/allure-results

[my-project] $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/ru.yandex.qatools.allure.jenkins.tools.AllureCommandlineInstallation/Allure_Commandline/bin/allure generate /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/my-project/allure-results -c -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/my-project/allure-report
Report successfully generated to /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/my-project/allure-report
Allure report was successfully generated.
Creating artifact for the build.
Artifact was added to the build.
Finished: SUCCESS

and also my DockerFile
FROM python:latest as python3
FROM selenium/standalone-chrome
USER root
WORKDIR /my-projest
ADD . /my-projest
RUN pip3 install --no-cache-dir --user -r requirements.txt
RUN sudo pip3 install pytest
RUN ["pytest", "tests/GUI/test_main_page.py", "-s", "-v", "--alluredir=allure-results"]

Hao Gu
hi guys, am working on a automated testing project based on webdriverio + cucumber + allure. in a test scenario there’re 5 data examples, but there’s only one when and one then for the last data were displayed in the allure report. why would this happen? could someone help me out?
@AnandDharmar Am New to Allure, And am currently using Protractor - Cucumber - TypeScript
I have "cucumberjs-allure2-reporter": "^1.3.0" and "allure-commandline": "^2.13.8", and Created a Reporter.js File as Specified in the cucumber-allure2 Document, but not sure how to use. Found your query in the Forum as well. Please share how to update the config file to generate the Allure Report
any possibility to make the allure report works with c++ Gtest based test csaes?
Aionitoaie Andrei
is there any way to install allure on ubuntu > 18.04?
Hello, is it possible to add Collapse/Expand option for test in Test body-> log?
Yinglin Zhang
Hi, guys. I like JSON using allure.attach.file(attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.JSON) function has lots of colors. But it is not easy to read. I want to add 'indent=2', like json.dumps({}, indent=2). Does anybody know that? (python3)
Hi Team, What should the config file FrameWork part contain when we use allure reporter for Cucumber Framework - Protractor
And is cucumberjs-allure2-reporter the expected one to be used or is there any other package which can be used with "cucumber": "6.0.5" ?
Not sure if this is the right Forum to raise this question. any help would be appreciated
how can i get the url from cmd to a list in python for allure serve ?
Hi everyone!
How can i insert browserstack link in allure report?
Yinglin Zhang

Hi, guys. I like JSON using allure.attach.file(attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.JSON) function has lots of colors. But it is not easy to read. I want to add 'indent=2', like json.dumps({}, indent=2). Does anybody know that? (python3)

I figure out that I can add a param 'attachment_type'. The color was successfully displayed in the report.
allure.attach(json.dumps({}, indent=2, sort_keys=True), name='x.json', attachment_type=allure.attachment_type.JSON)


Hi everyone!!


How I can change test case status ?

conftest.py -> pytest_runtest_makereport() I change status from skipped to failed but in allure report it still skipped

Juliano Niero Moreno

Hey guys.

Can anyone tell me if AWS CodeBuild can interpret the test report generated by Allure Report? If yes, how is this done? Is there any tutorial?

I'm researching, but so far I haven't found anything about this integration.


I am getting below error while executing selenium tests configured with allure, from terminal and from Jenkins.
[main] ERROR io.qameta.allure.AllureLifecycle - Could not update test container: container with uuid 53201eb3-4698-429e-8606-85c7df3f5eda not found

Unable to resolve this. any idea how can I resolve this?

Hi. I try to change test case status to SKIPPED, but in report everytime see PASSED. Why?
Aparna Pillai

Hi - I am looking for a question that seems to have been discussed in 2018
Can allure load its result files from an S3 bucket and then write it's generated report files out to another S3 bucket?

Is there a solution to the above use case today?

Simon K
Hi, Im going to fix: allure-framework/allure2#1138 - Does anyone familiar with allure know where the problem might lie? might be in java code rather than python based on frontend generation? Any guidance would be appreciated to save me debugging excessively
Simon K
done for tonight, @sseliverstov (allure-framework/allure2#1138) any advice on my initial debugging would be most appreciated, I think you are heavily involved in the python offerings :)
guoming shen
Hi, I try to add two plugin, and want display two new tab in report, but just first tab displayed, Can anyone help?
Hi - Hoping I can find an answer to this question, but have been unable to thus far. Is there any way to add step numbers to the reports as opposed the just chevrons? Attempted to solve this myself, but am unable to procedurally increment the step number due to the limitations on annotations in Java. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hi, one question regarding mask sensitive data in the request/response attached to my report. Is it possible to show the request/response attachments with masked data, e.g. credit card number, cvv. I am doing API testing. Thanks.


I am looking for solution where I can group test steps in allure report.

Current situation :

I have one test case login where there are 5 steps i.e go to login page, enter login detail, click on submit etc. But in allure report I want to show only 1 steps for all 5 login actions. is it possible?

So basically I want to display test case as steps and not scenarios as steps in report.

I'm using protractor Javascript with Jasmine framework

@baev please help here
How to resolve below error, getting when i'm trying to generate allure report through jenkins
ERROR: Step ‘Allure Report’ aborted due to exception:
java.io.IOException: Can't find allure commandline <null>
@KarthikManjrakar install allure in your jenkins master. You can specify how to install it in the "Tool Config" section in Settings
@fescobar , i have updated the below settings but still i'm getting this error.
@fescobar Could you please have a look at my query above and let me know if it is possible?
@monikabharath sorry no idea.
Please I am using allure with robot framework
I am using the command
robot -i TC101 -d report --listener allure_robotframework;./report/allure path/to/my/test
I am getting the file allure with lot of html / json files
but when I run the command
allure serve ./report/allure
I am geeting a empty HTML page