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Repo info
just create a simple dsl and check if the problem persist
on that way you can provide me a specific example and I can reproduce that in my env
publishers {
extendedEmail {

        triggers {
            always {
        archiveArtifacts {
        publishHtml {
            report('allure-report') {
                reportName('Test Output')
            report('test') {
                reportName('Allure Tests')
I am getting this error No plugin found for prefix 'allure' in the current project and in the pl
ugin groups [org.apache.maven.plugins, org.codehaus.mojo] available from the rep
wat should to do
Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is an easyway to remove the "UNKNOWN" and "BROKEN" categories from Allure2, I have been looking at the code but it seems to be referenced in multiple places.
I want to avoid huge changes if possible, I was wondering if there is already an option to remove these from the report.
Aionitoaie Andrei
i'm trying to add a new graph widget
and i keep receiving the error
TypeError: Widget is not a constructor
Igor Rubis
Does anyone have a working example of gradle+junit5+allure project?
I'm trying to set up a project from scratch with allure mabuals, but keep getting empty allure-results folder and a folder with usual junit test results. Like the allure test runner does not even start.
Sergey Tarabara
Hi guys! Suggest me please allure and gatling integration example. IMHO this project doesn't work correctly https://github.com/biski/gatling2allure . Thx!
Aionitoaie Andrei
is there anyone who can help with a new chart integration for the report ?
TypeError: Widget is not a constructor
Hi can anyone help me with the integration of Allure with Serenity?
1 reply
I want to share my allure report through email and it should be viewable for everyone. Is it possible to do?
Can you please help me in this?
3 replies
Ahamed Nazeem
Hi @fescobar / All,
We have 2 queries,
  • We are trying to see if we can use s3 as the backend for allure docker service in order to store and retrieve results.
  • Another intention is to see if we can store the results history and retrieve any of the stored result at any time. For example, say we store 10 results based on a unique ID (1 to 10 in this case), we should be able to fetch any results by giving the ID in the end point to render the result.
    Please let me know if that's possible and reference for the same.
    Thank you!
    CC: @deepakguna
2 replies
Jakoc Rivas Sime
is it possible to merge 2 allure reports that are on the same directory?
Elumalai Kumar
All, Just little help needed here for allure reports. I am trying to use the package allure-playwright: "*" and generate the report. Reports are not getting loaded, and shows your internet access is blocked (firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection) any help highly appreciated here.
This is on local. I used to generate the report using allure serve
Adam Cunnington
Hi. I am using pytest allure integration https://github.com/allure-framework/allure-python/tree/master/allure-pytest. Something really fundamental is completely confusing me - we pass --alluredir at the pytest command but as far as I can tell, this does not actually impact location of the reports, only location of the metadata. Some allure internals then know how to find the report (which is always in /tmp/) from the metadata. Am I missing something? How am I supposed to control the location of the reports?!
Perhaps with pytest's --basetemp - but still, how do i explicitly specify the output location of THIS specific report
Adam Cunnington
Or maybe I should use allure generate directly?
Adam Cunnington
Ok and --report-dir completely does not work. I keep getting "--report-dir=foo does not exists"
even though I am CLEARLY creating it just before ha
oh the --long-arg= syntax is not supported.
@adamcunnington-gdt_gitlab check this example (skip the docker section)
Does anyone know if Allure3 will ever be public or is that meant to be propietary? Of course this is a great tool, my concern is that Allure2 uses "legacy" stuff for the front end (Backbone.js) and adding plugins, widgets based on that might be the equivalent as slowly digging a hole for myself... I have already created a few widgets for the overview tab, the test results block and also new tabs.
I was wondering on "simply" building something on Vue that reads the JSON stuff that Java generates
I read somewhere that Allure3 will be based on react, but these were news from a few years ago
Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 15.46.27.png
hey guys, I have had a good look through all the documentation, which is very nice thank you! however, my particular scenario does not appear to be covered. I am trying to implement Allure as the test report for Detox/Jest. I have followed this guide: https://hughmccamphill.com/blog/allure-report-detox-jest-circus/ and I have now a report such as the one above, how do I go about adding much more detail? such as attachments from screenshots captured during the test (with: const imagePath = await device.takeScreenshot('confirmation screenshot') stored in my artifacts folder, also are there other configurations I can make?
allure-framework/allure2#1138 excuse me . Is there a follow-up to this issue?
Hi All, How to integrate allure in java without other framework like (testng, bdd , etc....), Need to integrate in java without other framework
2 replies
can any one help me to find out
Макс Головчин

Hi all, maybe someone can help me
I need to send results using email. I set it using Email-ext Jenkins Plugin and groovy template that I found
But i need to add also environment variables from the report for example this one 'OS Android'
I see that in template it uses:
lastAllureReportBuildAction = build.getAction(ru.yandex.qatools.allure.jenkins.AllureReportBuildAction.class) ${lastAllureReportBuildAction.getPassedCount()}

But I didn't found a way how to add environment variables(added screenshot) from the allure report, maybe someone know how to do this

Hi All, is it possible to generate custom CSV report like CSV file containing column contains screenshot of failed scenarios with test results using Allure (python)?
Hi Can I get some response on this allure-framework/allure-bamboo#239
1 reply
Hi. I use allure-js-commons lib. Such question: I need to create a tree-like test suites structure in the allure report. I can do it with 3 levels by using internal lib's labels (epic, feature, story) but I need more levels (nearly 5-6) and how I can add more such labels and continue my tree-like structure (add 4 and 5 level)?
Hello guys, I'm not getting the allure trend report inside the report, but in jenkins I can see it:
1 reply
Aionitoaie Andrei
hello..is there anyone here with experience in backbone.js here / adding new charts to the report?
Hi @fescobar ,
10 replies
shankar g
Hi Team , Does any one have linked jira issues with in allure report by using behave (python) . Jira links are not getting displayed in allure report while using behave. if anyone has worked on it please help on the process
2 replies
Chandra Sekhar Pola
Any one generating allure reports for robot framework ? Can anyone point at an example ?